I Melt With You

I’m a native Southern Californian. I’m an original Valley girl to be exact. I can tolerate heat and I know the ins and outs to getting things accomplished when it’s wickedly hot. However, wickedly hot is the high 90’s to low 100’s. The past days have been over 110 degrees. At some point, the incremental heat increases tenfold! It’s too damn hot. It’s hard not think or talk about anything but the heat.

This past weekend was over 110 degrees outside and the home air-conditioner struggled to maintain the house at even 80 degrees. When it’s this hot there’s little motivation to do much of anything. Although just sitting on upholstered furniture is a sticky affair too. Our comforter is down filled so lying on top of it is miserable because it warms you from underneath. The couches are also down filled so after a little sitting, you’re left with a toasty tush. And forget about the car! Those first minutes are suffocating.

Cole’s chill out chair is anything but chill when the temperature is this hot. It’s covered in an insulated fabric that protects the chair frame from any spills, leaks or otherwise, which is some sort of plastic or similar kind of lining…something that doesn’t breathe. So poor dear ends up with a sweaty back, bum and thighs.

The cat just sleeps, and the dog has wisely discovered the cool hardwood floor right under the air-conditioning vent. Arguably she found the single coolest spot in the house. Cole swam, and soaked in the bath tub until he wrinkled. Mostly we all just melted…

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