We receive written notes about Cole’s school day each afternoon. Yesterday’s note indicated that he had spent an hour and half walking in his gait trainer, a walker of sorts, during P.E. He’s been walking a lot more and doing great with it.

Due to construction going on at his school, the kids have to exit the campus, walk up a low grade hill and through a gate that was structured at the top of what is temporarily the playing field…a sport court. It’s not a long haul, but for Cole it’s a huge effort to get up a hill, however small, and then to continue to walk and participate in whatever P.E. activities are scheduled.

Many doctors told us that he would never walk. Our first neurologist said that it would be up to him if he walked. If he wanted it badly enough, he’d figure out how to do it. He wanted it badly and he’ll take it however he can get it, even if it’s in the gait trainer, or with an adult supporting him by his chest and walking behind him. He loves to walk, run, leap and dance. He’s always loved to be on his feet.

The energy and effort he exerts walking just 50 yards is akin to the energy and effort it would take me to run five miles. It takes a lot of juice for him to get where he wants to go but he’s willing to do it. To spend an hour and a half on his feet, walking, and playing is tremendous. It’s impressive.

It occurred to me last night after reading the sheet that he might find it motivating to see how many steps he takes each day. He thought it sounded like a fun idea and I now have a great birthday idea for the most difficult child to buy gifts for! (Nine days and counting till 13!)

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