You’ve Got a Friend

I recently joined a mom’s support group for mom’s of special needs kids. Thirteen years in and I have come to realize that this would have been great for me from the get go. I didn’t realize it but having a safe place to share and almost more importantly listen to other women share feelings and thoughts that could come out of my own head on any given day is extremely cathartic. Cathartic in a way that differs from talking to close friends, even close friends who are in similar lives.

The safety of being able to share freely without judgment and simply for myself is liberating. The understanding that I am not alone on those days when I just want to cry and ask the unaskable question WHY? WHY ME? WHY IS THIS MY LIFE? The unspoken words that no respectable parent would utter out loud, but that do live in our heads.

This realization that I am actually a group person is new to me. Very happily. It’s changed my life. It’s incited me to rejoin another support group…weight watchers…the only time I’ve successfully lost weight was during the months that I first attended WW. For whatever reason I stopped, and while I did not regain, I’ve only maintained since I stopped. A feat in itself but I’d like to lose more to for healthy and esteem reasons. I like when people are shocked I’m to learn I’m 50. I’d like it more if I wasn’t fat and 50.

I’ve come to realize the reason I was successful with WW is that I do better knowing I’m not alone. I like having a place to go where no one is going to judge me and where there are room full of people in the same boat who are all there to support one another. Supporting one another is a good thing. It’ a good thing when you’re facing challenges, or not.

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