Cole’s officially a teenager and I’m not sure exactly what that looks like for him. As exciting as it is and as much as I look forward to all of the teenage angst, it also has me concerned about the changes that come with being a teenager.

I’m afraid that it’s the beginning of a transition that may leave him feeling a bit alienated. I hope I’m wrong…or at least that the teens move slower than I did. In most ways his development is pretty typical, despite the restrictions his body presents him. In other ways, he’s a bit less mature than some, a bit more so than others. Kind of middle of the road on that front! I see his interest in girls starting to pique, and I see his friends on the ebb of their own curiosity about boys and girls.

My concern is that as his friends and peers become more independent, adventurous, and even passionate, he’s going be left behind. He’s got wonderful friends, mostly girls, but some boys. He is adored, but as young romances bud, and independent events become the norm (movies, parties, dinners sans parents), he’s going to be in need of some assistance, and it’s not something that we can rely on friends to be responsible for, but also not times that a parent would be welcome. And how does it work if he wants to date?

Do you find a youthful caregiver who can just sort be there but blend into the scenery? Do you find a willing friend who is trusted and capable? This all falls into the category of things most parents don’t have to think about, and that no one ever tells you might be important…

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