November 10, 2015

I have two nieces who I love to pieces. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I always think of that cartoon where the cat hates meeces to pieces…I want to say the Pixie and Dixie Show? Jinx the Cat? Anyway, I adore my two nieces…to pieces.

Emily is seventeen and senior in high school. She’s currently sending out her college applications, narrowed down to something like fifteen from forty! She’s looking at schools all over the country with an interest in computer science. Em plays on the varsity volleyball team at her high school and in league as well. She also played water polo for a season in high school.

She’s been part of a junior leadership program at Cedars Sinai for several years as well as volunteered as a candy striper. She also has been involved with some girls empowerment seminars at her school and was selected to be a part of the Girls That Code internship program this past summer, doing a seven week , 9-5, stint at the Honest Company. She’s impressive.



Her sister, Devon, is fourteen, almost fifteen. She is a freshman in high school, and plays on the varsity volleyball team as well. She is in fact one of the top players on the team. She’s one of the top players in her age group in the country. She plays both indoor and beach volleyball and is getting a lot of notice. She too plays in league, and for the US National High Performance beach volleyball team, in the 17 and under category…one of ten girls. She’s impressive.  It’s going to be interesting to see where her interests take her through high school.



Besides their shared love of volleyball, the girls are actually quite unique. Emily is more serious than Devon, and Devon is more artistically inclined. They’re both bright, kind and beautiful. I love having nieces because it gives me a chance to get my girlie on, especially when they were younger.

Even though we live in the same area, I don’t get to see to them nearly as often as I’d like. The circumstances of my life are a big factor – between work and taking care of Cole, it’s tough to find time that works with their busy schedules. With Emily perhaps attending a university on the other side of the country, it has me wanting to see them more. It will be so different with her, and then Devon, away on their own, finding their own place away from the family. Cole and I are already plotting out our care packages! Monthly letters, photos and treats!

Tonight I finally have a chance to see them both play together on the same team in the playoffs for their high school volleyball league. The stars aligned – the game is near my office, starts at 7 pm (later than usual), and I’ll be there, cheering for my darling nieces. Whoo Hoo!!!


November 9, 2015

I attended a party this past Friday that is hosted by a couple of companies that I do work with.  I didn’t really know that many people in attendance, which is partially why I actually dragged myself to the event in the first place.  More often than not, I can be shy and I have hard time motivating to be bubbly and open.  Not always, and funnily, those who know me might find that a bit surprising.

In any case, I went and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the Santa Monica Pier after dark with nothing but lawyers and bankers, meeting people I’ve been talking to on the phone or communicating with vie email for years.  It was pleasant and really nice to have faces to the names now.  I had lots of enjoyable conversations and feel like it was definitely the right decision to attend.

I had one conversation with someone I consider a friend.  I’ve known him for many many years, though I only see him once or twice a year.  We are Facebook friends so we keep abreast of the shared events in our lives through that, which is really one of the things I most enjoy about Facebook.

One thing he shared with me is that he truly enjoys following my Facebook posts because he believes that they bring joy to people.  I hadn’t really consider that and don’t know that I’d describe myself or my posts as such but I was really touched that it was what he takes away from my shares.  It got me thinking about the interpretation and intention.

i suppose in many ways I do try to find the joy in things, even in dark situations like Cole’s surgery and recovery.  Somewhere in the love and care there are such moments of glee and joy that perhaps that is my intention in the way I share things.  It’s the way I try to live my life as well.  It’s not perfect, and it’s never going to be perfect but that doesn’t mean that there’s not infinite possibilities for happiness and joy – for hope.

I also tend to feel like even though we struggle, and have tough times, and life’s not always easy for us, or for Cole, there are so many people in this world, in my community, who have it worse.  Much as I enjoy a good bitch fest and the occasionally wailing and moaning about something, I never take it that seriously because I do always believe that it will all work out in the end.  I have hope.  I have joy.  I have love.