We’re trying to solve a mystery…

Some rather angry bruises appeared on Cole’s inner thigh last week. They look like a series of overlapping oval shaped bruises so whatever is causing them is something that occurs continuously throughout the day(s). The mystery is what.

All of the equipment he uses on a daily basis is equipment he’s been using for a while prior to the bruising, and even post surgically without bruising. None of the various strapping or harnesses or wedges really sync up with the location of the bruises and there’s nothing else he’s doing differently that could cause them. It’s frustrating and curious.

We’ve noticed that when he’s home and wearing the knee immobilizers (he has to wear them at night for a year while his body continues to heal from the surgery), he sometimes slips his fingers into the top of the knee immobilizer, which has led us to wonder if he’s causing the bruising himself. It seems unlikely but nothing else seems like it’s the cause either.

This is one of those times I wish he could just tell us what’s happening…Miss Marple I am not!


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