I AM THE DJ (Series – 11)


The whole high school search has me in knots these past couple of weeks so I really want to try to go into the weekend and Thanksgiving holiday week feeling a little lighter in spirit. Music does it for me. It always helps my mood and truly has the ability to lift my heart and to get my body revved. Cole shares this synchronicity with music. He loves it and it can make or break a drive. He’s very ready for holiday music, which if you recall, I desperately try to enforce the “not until after Thanksgiving policy” upon him We’ve had a couple of outings already where nothing would satisfy but holiday music, and I’m thankful that the Bad Religion holiday album exists because to him it’s holiday music, and to me, well, it’s Bad Religion…(who by the way I grew up with…same junior and senior high school..).

I haven’t posted a playlist in a while but I’ve got one ready to play for the boy tomorrow when we are out and about doing some pre-Thanksgiving shopping and prep:

  1. CAGE THE ELEPHANT – Mess Around
  2. TONES ON TAIL – Go!
  3. ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO – I Wanna Be Your Dog (Cover)
  4. BELLE & SEBASTIAN – I Want the World
  5. MARCHING CHURCH – Hungry for Love
  6. ALESSIA CARA – Here
  7. The FRAY – Heartbeat
  8. BRICK & MORTAR – Train
  9. ECHOSMITH – Cool Kids
  10. KING CURTIS – Soul Serenade
  11. KAYA STEWART – In Love With A Boy
  12. ADELE – Lovesong
  13. JEAN-MICHEL BERNARD – Generique Stephane
  14. DEVO – The Girl U Want


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