WHERE IS MY MIND (Series – 1)

I am a magazine junky. There, I’ve come clean. As much a I love to tuck into a great novel, and do read on a nightly basis, I love the immediacy and compact nature of magazines. I can pour through a stack of them at my leisure and pick up all kinds of information, some necessary and some trivial. They delight me.

Over the past several years, I’ve trimmed down my paper subscriptions, opting for online versions as well as some online magazines like Chalkboard, Huffington Post, Green Monster, Food 52 and The Skimm. They serve my curiosity and fit in well when I only have a short time to play. I also love the ease of Googling anything that strikes my fancy (you don’t want to see my history – it’s a plethora of weirdness) and to find lots of information about everything from recipes to adaptive seating to best red lipstick shades to accessible travel to the latest in Swedish design. Right now I’m a bit obsessed with researching stem cell treatment.

And don’t get me started on Pinterest! Before Pinterest, I would tear or cut out articles, pictures, recipes and more out of magazines and newspapers, sticking them into files that I rarely looked at! With Pinterest, I save everything and anything and I do actually use my Pinterest files. I can take haircut ideas to my stylist, search for cool light fixtures for my dining room, track ideas for our 2016 trip to Paris, pull up recipes I’m keen on, and more, more, more…without clutter!

So here are some things I’ve found intriguing recently…places my mind has gone wandering:


  1. 16 Party Bar Ideas Because I love entertaining and doing a festive bar is a fun way to let your guests DIY
  2.  Fascinating – What Your Eye Color Says About You
  3.  This sounds like so much fun – Shooting Hoops
  4.  Sara Gottfried – I am so looking forward to reading her new book about managing hormonal influences with diet
  5.  Contemplating this a means of storing all of our photos and documents: Bevy
  6.  For the lo-tech people like me who could use a little help: 20 iPhone Hacks

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