I AM THE DJ (Series – 10)

I’m looking forward to a few days of “Mom & Cole” time. Dan’s doing a conference this week through Saturday and has benefit to attend Saturday evening so we won’t see him until Sunday. Cole’s is continuing with Spring Break camp this week, which he seems to enjoy. A couple of his pals are there this week who were not last week so they’ve helped to make the week a bit more fun. I try to leave work a little early when Dan’s away so I can be home at a reasonable hour to have dinner with Cole. We fall into an easy routine of dinner, bath, a little TV. We have The Voice recorded so we’ll most likely watch the lives together.

Saturday we have some important errands to run. He’s attending a birthday celebration for one of his favorite friends and has decided on a gift so Saturday is shopping day! I’m guessing we’ll rope Grandma into joining us for a little shopping and lunch. Cole loves his weekend outings with her (so do I). I’m working a playlist for our driving. It’s kind of an esoteric mix but there are definitely a few songs that I know he’s going to love, and few that may surprise me. I just keep trying to keep us listening to different kinds of songs, old and new…just not the familiar kiddy music…anything but that!

So here’s the start of the April Playlist…

  1. ELEPHANT STONE – Stone Roses
  2. NO MYTH – Michael Penn
  4. GET CLOSER – Life in Film
  6. GIMME SOME LOVE – G. Love & Special Sauce
  7. PINK MOON – Nick Drake
  8. I WANT YOU TO WANT ME – Cheap Trick
  9. EX’S & OH’S – Elle King
  11. CRAZY FOR YOU – Scars on 45
  12. DARK SUNGLASSES – Chrissie Hynde
  13. COMMON PEOPLE – Pulp
  14. PEDESTRIAN AT BEST– Courtney Barnett
  15. PICTURE THIS – Kero Kero Bonito
  16. WORLD SHUT YOUR MOUTH – Julian Cope

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