I AM THE DJ (Series – 6)

We made it through the past few weeks of holiday listening to nothing but holiday music. Thankfully Spotify has some fun, and very comprehensive playlists already! The Ultimate Holiday Playlist was great, and there were lots of fun versions on the Indie Holiday Playlist.

But this past weekend, I was cooked. I don’t think I could handle another fa la la, or white Christmas. Since Michael Buble was a favorite Christmas album, I decided to try some of his non-holiday music. I’ve never really listened to him save for the Christmas album, nor had Cole. I’m old enough now that I can admit without shame that the songs we listened to weren’t bad. We both kind of liked them.

We also spent days listening to the Annie soundtrack after seeing the movie with some friends over the weekend. Cole had been a fan of the Broadway soundtrack, and acted in the play himself so the music is all familiar to and favored by him. The movie version, of course, has some updated versions and some originals so it felt fresh to him. He did let me know that he thought his friend Sami was a much better Miss Hannigan than Cameron Diaz. He thinks she sings better too.

His dad took a stab at DJing too. He’s introduced Cole to the Dandy Warhols with some success. I’m not sure what they listened to on the way to and fro school yesterday but I’m hoping it wasn’t holiday music. Come this weekend, I’m banning it from any driving I do! I’ll have to think about some new music to introduce him to. While Annie is okay, I don’t think I can listen to it with any regularity. I fell asleep with Hard Knock Life running through my head on a loop…contemplating some serious headbanging to get it out!

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