General laziness won out yesterday…some things were handled, but quite enough to make today feel easy. Surprisingly, Cole got off to school without any fuss or drama. Hopefully it’s the start of a good day for him. I’m sure seeing all of his friends, even those he saw over the break, will be good for him as well as simply getting back to the structure of a school day. Besides exercising his brain with school work, the physical exercise will feel good for his body. He’s much more physically active at school where he walks in his gait trainer daily, as well as doing some standing, and P.E. class.

My intentions of getting out of the house early did not quite happen. It’s the first morning in the house that I’ve had to myself since the middle of December and I spent the morning finding little things to tend to. I am the queen of dawdle. I can putter around, not exactly wasting time, but definitely not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, all morning if left to my own devices. My hope for a dawdle free morning has already been thwarted. The dog needed brushing, the house needed a little picking up before the cleaners come later (yes, I’m one of those people who straightens up for the cleaners), and the cat needed a little focused attention.

It’s not that I’m dreading work. I actually like my job and I especially enjoy my coworkers. I just like time to myself more, and it’s a rarity in my life. I’ve got so much stuff to take with me to work today. Among them, the under the desk elliptical machine, some homemade chia water, my new tea infusing tea cup, some loose tea, and a few healthy snacks for the week. I’m prepared to have a great start to the year in terms of wellness.

I’ve also tucked my $1 away for the first week of the year savings. There’s a challenge going where each week you put away an amount equal to the corresponding week. This week 1, $1, next week 2, $2 (total saving $3), etc. By the end of year I’ll have $1,400 saved without ever really noticing.

I’m looking forward to coming home tonight to hear about my guys’ days. That’s one of the nice things about all having different days, sitting together at dinner sharing our experiences and laughing together. I guess I should get my day started so it can end…

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  1. I love the saving challenge! Might have to adopt that one too. If nothing else, I’ll have some money saved up for holiday gifts ; )

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