There exists a contingent of people who are uncomfortable with others who are different and who are unable look past the differences or past their discomfort to be welcoming or kind. It always surprises me but I can accept that not everyone is going to embrace Cole, or take the time to get to know and understand him. I understand that it comes with the territory of being his mom. I’m not looking to change the world by using him as a lesson to others, especially not if it means putting him in the face of someone who has expressed unease about being around him.

Not everyone understands this desire to protect him from something that is somewhat unspoken. There are people I’m close to who seem to think it’s arbitrary but I know if they were ever to become aware that someone pointedly expressed discomfort at being around their own child or partner, they would likely feel the same way. It’s not the sort of thing one easily overlooks or ignores. It’s hurtful, both the ignorance of the people who have difficulty being around a child with disabilities and the lack of understanding or support from the others.

It rattles my soul that someone would pass judgment on a child, any child. It saddens me that anyone who cares about us would encourage us to put him in a position where he’s not entirely welcome.

Thankfully, it’s not something that comes up often. We are fortunate to have built a community of friends who embrace our little family. Cole has great friends who love him just as he is and he them. Over the years he’s managed to amass a great many fans. He’s endeared himself to the staff and patrons of many of our regular shopping haunts and eateries, and often finds new friends as we wander aisles. When he’s feeling especially outgoing, it’s hard not to want to stop and say Hello to him. To a large degree he is blessed to be a part of an extended community that welcomes him with open arms. For that I am thankful.

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