I’ve mentioned the chronic lack of sleep…Last night was no exception. Cole went to bed early because he’d been up since 3:45 am the night before which somehow translated to him waking at 2:15 am! Meaning I was up then too. Strangely when he wakes in the middle of the night, he’s not distressed like I am. He’s usually cheery and snuggly. He likes to spoon a little and chats a lot.

While I am happy to do the snuggling, it makes me sleepier, wanting to nod off. The chatting makes me grouchy. It interrupts the dozy feeling and removes me from the place where I can actually go back to sleep. Which is what he wants. He doesn’t actually want to be awake alone. He wants a cohort.

This morning I finally got him to go back to sleep for a little while around 6am…By that point I was awake so I just quietly read next to him enjoying the little snoring and especially the warmth of being next to him. More snuggles when did wake up and then a little morning TV in bed which has become one of his favorite weekend morning respites. He loves to watch a little quiet TV while snuggled up in the warm bed with the cat and dog snuggled up next to him. They all love it.

Sunday mornings are perfect for this, especially in cooler weather, and I love that Cole has finally grown to appreciate a good lazy Sunday morning. (He used to be antsy and need to get going from the second he woke up.)

During the week I long for these lazy Sunday mornings. Weekday mornings are a flurry of feeding, showering, dressing and rushing to get everyone ready and out of the house for school and work. There’s little time for distraction. We have a long weekend coming up with the Thanksgiving holiday and I’m looking forward to treating every day of that weekend like Sunday.

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