Moving Day – First Post

I’m making a change and moving my blog to a new venue. Typically with the advent of a new year, the list of resolutions includes one to write more consistently…to exercise and exorcise my brain. Nothing new in 2012. So I thought I’d try something different.

I’m the parent of a ten year old boy who has cerebral palsy. It’s not my only definition of myself, but it’s the most notable. I’m a mother, wife, professional, daughter, sister, aunt and a very good friend. I work full time doing business and legal for an international film distribution and production company. I have been married for almost twelve years. We’ve survived the challenges of simply staying married, but even more so of parenting a differently abled child. The stats on marriages surviving special needs are pretty staggering. In many ways, our parenting experience has brought us closer. We share the common desire to make the boy’s life as rich, happy and amazing as possible, and to enable him to do anything he can imagine. You’ll get to know the boy well through this because he’s amazing. Amazingly determined, amazingly well adjusted, amazingly frustrating, amazingly funny, amazingly sweet, and most amazingly, mine.

Stay tuned…

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