I Love Your Brain

I thought I’d explain the title of the blog…My former blog was called Mindless Musings but it wasn’t available on word press leaving me to come up with something else.  I love your brain is a line a song by Frank Black & The Catholics, as well as something I often tell the boy.  I love your brain, you gotta beautiful brain…And he does.  Without giving it much thought, this blog was named.  Perhaps it will change one day, but for now…it works.  In some ways my life is what it is now because of the boy’s beautiful brain.  12 minutes without oxygen at birth left his brain a little different.  His brain has trouble transmitting signals to the rest of him making movement and speech difficult for him.  Fortunately, his congnitive function is strong and he’s bright and capable.  His determination carries him through the rest.  There’s very little that he wants to do that he doesn’t figure out a way to do it, sometimes on his own, and sometimes with help.

Because of his beautiful brain I spent the first seven years of his life with him.  I had not intended to be a stay  home mom when I contemplated pregnancy.  I had a career I worked hard to climb.  Staying home with him was necessity but ultimately not a sacrifice.  Having had the time with him, I understood that I would have wanted that time with him no matter what the circumstance.  I would never have been able to tear myself away after just a few short months of maternity leave.  I wouldn’t trade those years for anything.  I work full time now, and he’s immersed in elementary school and afterschool activities which make him want to live at school most of the time so we both survived the transition to independence without anxiety or angst.

So here’s to beautiful brains…whether they belong to the boy, my husband, strangers, or even me sometimes…they inspire, insight and ignite!

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