January 4, 2015

The Sunday before the end of two weeks off work and school…There’s competing desires to indulge in utter laziness and to end the break feeling accomplished and productive.

Thus far, the laziness is winning out although we’re into the second load of laundry and the boy has had a mani-pedi to get ready to return to school well groomed. (it’s only just 10:00 am and we didn’t get out of bed until 8:30 so maybe we’re slowly moving towards productivity).

Today is intentionally plan-free. No one in the family seems to be excited about the prospect of returning to the work/school routine, although I suspect that a day or two into the routine, we’ll all be happier. Much as I love having time off and enjoy the time together, it can be challenging to find things to do that satisfy everyone, unless there is some travel involved, which unfortunately was not the case this holiday season.

There are lots of things to get organized for both the boy and myself. I’m preparing some healthy, easy snacks for the work week, have to pack up my new under the desk elliptical machine, along with some new note books – an effort to stay on top of everything – and making sure I have a plan of action for the day. Two weeks off means a lot of catch-up, even with most of my industry being off too.

We also need to get the boy organized for the return to school. That means sorting through the backpack and binder and making sure everything’s current and any outstanding assignments are complete, packing up supplies for the week, and resetting the general mindset from vacation to school. That’s the trickiest part. The school year has been a bit rough so he’s no longer excited and eager to return to school – a first for him. Until this year, he truly wished he could live at school. He loved it that much.

More laundry, quick errands run, and we’re once again back home and trying to motivate to get the random things handled. Why is it that after having two weeks of holiday, this final day is the day when everything seems hard to do? It’s that dragging one’s feet thing, hoping to eek every last second of holiday out of the day. We can’t even motivate to take down the Christmas stuff. That will wait until next Sunday…