My husband and I have different opinions when it comes to alternative medicine or wellness.  I have a higher interest and intrigue which he tempers with a big does of skepticism.  With Cole’s surgery looming in the not so distant future (June 18th!), I find myself researching ways to make him comfortable both in the hospital and at home for the weeks of recovery.  I’m also researching supplements that can help heal bone, joints and tissue, like tried and true Vitamin C, zinc, and bone collagen.  I’m not a quack but I do believe that supplements can be highly beneficial.  Where Cole’s concerned, my tendency is to be more conservative in my choices.

While I’m willing to try herbal concoctions and am happy to drink thick green things, I keep my research for him to things that have scientific evidence of enhancing healing.  I just want him to feel okay, keep his immune system up and for the bones and tissue to heal well.  I worry about this immune system because he’s going to be fairly immobile for nearly two months, which in itself is hard on any body.  He’s used to moving around quite a bit and loves to stand and walk and move his body.  Stagnant bodies are more susceptible to illness.

I’ve also stocked up on a lavender based sleep spray that Cole and I love.  Hospitals smell so, so, well, so much like hospitals, and they’re anything but relaxing or calm.  I’m keen to see if something as simple as aromatherapy can help him feel a little more relaxed at a time when he’s going to be anything but.

Because music is so important to Cole, I’m creating some playlists of favored songs with the hope that even if he’s drugged up and dozy, softly playing tunes that make him happy will promote some calm for him too.  I’m hoping he’ll just be in the hospital for a couple of days.  Home is a always a better place to be for healing.

That said, the same interventions will be useful at home, especially during the first week when pain management is the main focus.  I’m hopeful that a peaceful, calm, softly fragrant home will feel nurturing and comforting to him.  I sound like I’m creating a spa environment for him!

I guess in a way I am.  I just want to make this major surgery as easy on him as I can in whatever small ways I can manage.

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