Back to work following a lovely holiday weekend.   Starting the week on Tuesday often feels harder than on a usual Monday. Having the one extra day of a holiday weekend is just enough to sink one into total relaxation, making the Tuesday start of the week a wee bit jarring.

For half the weekend we were three and the other half just Cole and I. Saturday night we had a delightful date night with a dear friend at a local café doing their first ever “Paella Night”. Seated outside under the glow of the local business signage eating a delicious Spanish meal with yummy vino and great laughter filled conversation. Nothing better.

Sunday Cole just wanted to lounge about in his p.j.’s until close to lunch time. Then we headed off to the last baseball game of his fall season with his friend Charlotte in tow. The game was festive and fun, and Cole and his pal Joshua had quite a cheering section between family and friends, and even a few of the school para-professionals all there to support them. Cole and Char then hung out together for dinner and watched Pitch Perfect to prepare themselves for seeing Pitch Perfect 2 on Monday.

Monday we lazily got ourselves ready for a late morning screening of Pitch Perfect 2. We met up with a few (okay, fifteen or so) friends for movie and lunch and got ourselves home just before four pm. Long fun day with a gaggle of our favorite people.   Leaving us with just a bit of Monday left to have dinner, bath, neglect homework, and snuggle off to bed. Not a bad way to end a weekend.

So now I’m at work and our server is down so I’m unable to actually do any real work. Frightening how lost we are without our internet and server! My goal this week is to regain some consistency with my writing. Turns out it’s like exercise for me. If I get started and stay consistent I’m successful but fall off the routine for more than a couple of days and it’s all over. I really have to work on that with both writing and exercise!

Happy Tuesday…

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  1. We definitely become lost without internet since we rely so heavily on it. Hope your holiday weekend was fantastic. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

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