WHERE IS MY MIND? (Series – 2)

I’m all over the place lately. Work is busier than ever. We have six films we’re preselling in Cannes, plus several others that have a lot of available territories that need to be cleaned up. No real complaints about there being a lot going on but my work days are full of work, and home is taken up with a somewhat needy Cole. I sometimes feel like when he has a lot of mom time (my husband has been traveling quite a bit), he then craves more mom time. I’m like a drug and he’s addicted!  Ha!  And there are still so many things catching my attention out in the world…

The following are some curiosities that have struck my fancy recently…

 9 ways stem cellsbrain commune

good habits nurse charlie

  1. Ways to Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem
  1. Clinical Stem Cell Trials on Children with Cerebral Palsy
  1. The Moral Bucket List
  1. I love this idea! A compound of sorts…
  1. Anything to keep my mind sharp!
  1. Why Charlie, our cat, will be Cole’s best post-surgery nurse

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