It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Cole. My husband has gone to Hawaii to spend the weekend with him own mum so Cole and I are on our own. It’s been that way for most Mother’s Day as my husband used to attend the Cannes Film Festival and was always in France come Mother’s Day. I’m not bothered by it since Cole is who makes me a mom.

We’re looking forward to a really relaxing weekend together. The weekend starts a little earlier than usual since I’m on pickup duty. Cole and I are planning to hang out with my mom tomorrow. He needs new eyeglasses and is keen to have her help him decide on a pair, and then we’ll probably lunch. He wants to spend the afternoon just kicking back at home. Sunday he’s taking me to a matinee of the Ultron Avengers movie…and then we’re meeting up with extended family for dinner. A weekend of fun, and nothing. Perfect.

I spent last weekend in La Quinta with four other moms. Our second moms get-a-way. A few years ago a few of us went to New York to support one of the tribe who spent the summer acting in a play, and then this desert weekend, where we intended to do this and that but actually ended up mostly finding ourselves engrossed in conversation, after conversation…oh, and some nice meals and vino. It was a perfect segue way into this Mom’s day weekend.

I’m blessed to have a tribe of women who I can get lost in conversation with and find myself standing taller afterward. I find myself in awe of so many amazing moms I know. We all share the goals of providing our children with the best tools we can. We share the hope that our kids will be kind, strong, generous, bright, respectful, interested and interesting. We foster independence, self-reliance, and self-respect in our children. We love unconditionally, challenge, and support our kids whole-heartedly. We have ready hugs when needed, and are learning when to give space. We share our trials and tribulations and successes with the hope of being inspired, supported or educated by one another. As I said earlier, I am blessed!

photo-2 1149013_10201742605916075_2092457149_n Me & My Mom (1969)


Here’s to all of the amazing moms, mine included, in my life. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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