(An obvious song choice but how I could I not?)

Finding time to exercise is a chore. I’m not inherently disposed to love exercise, although I really do enjoy being physical and moving my body. I just have to find the right mix of good workout, interest and perhaps passion. A friend I know loves yoga and dance, and looks forward to her classes as they bring her joy. Physical movement and challenging your body and mind kind of joy which to me is a great thing and I wish I could find the class(es) or activities that could bring this to my life, and that I can actually fit into my daily life.

I know a lot of people struggle with this. In the realm of life, we all know we need to exercise and that it’s something that we should prioritize in our daily lives in order to maintain good health and sanity. I know this. I know this. I know this.

But I can’t manage to do it.

I took What’s Your Fitness Personality, an online quiz I found that resulted in me being a “seeker”. My results suggested that I pursue running, walking, weight training and martial arts. Apparently I’m goal driven and self-motivated. I have both of these traits in life, but not when it comes to setting fitness goals and self-motivating my ass out the door to workout.

I’m not a runner, though I do imagine myself running from time to time. It’s a workout that I know I could fit into my weekday because I can do it in my neighborhood, before or after work, and it doesn’t require equipment or cost. I actually want to like running but again struggle with starting it.

Given that I’m (allegedly) goal driven, I found a couple of online routines that promise to take you from zero to running 30 continuous minutes in eight weeks, and a six week training program that takes you from zero to running a 5K. Both seem reasonable and both interest me. Running for 30 minutes straight seems like an achievable goal, as does training for a 5k. Reaching one or both goals would be empowering.

But no one tells you how to push yourself out the door on that first day…HELP!

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