Sometimes the simplest things can be so satisfying and pleasing.

This past Sunday, Cole and I had plans with my mom to do our usual weekend errands and lunch. It’s part of our weekend routine and gives us a chance to visit with my mom, something we both really enjoy, all three of us enjoy. When we called her to set up our pick up time, she mentioned she had talked to my brother and that he would be in the Valley and could join us for lunch. Fun.

When we picked her up we learned that her boyfriend would be meeting us for lunch too. Again, fun.

We made a stop at OSH and both picked up a few new veggies to plant in our gardens and then worked our way through Trader Joe’s doing my weekly shop. Mostly, I shop and she and Cole disappear, roaming the isles for their own goodies and causing mischief.

As we were packing up the car after our shop, my mom suggested we call Dan to invite him to lunch too. He accepted and we suddenly had a gaggle of family lunching with us. We just went to a local burger/dog joint that has a nice patio in the back where we three often spend long weekend lunches chatting well beyond our meal. In the same fashion, our extended group had a leisurely, sunny lunch and had a chance to catch up with one another and enjoy some family time.

A more rare treat than you would think, but coordinating schedules with three active teens between us is complicated, so we don’t all get together as often as we’d like. The afternoon was a nice reminder to be spontaneous. You never know where the day will take you.

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