I meant to post this yesterday but got caught up prepping for the feast! We had a lovely evening shared with dear friends and new friends. It was a warm, thoughtful, festive dinner that was exactly what Thanksgiving is meant to be.

With the approach of Thanksgiving, everyone’s contemplating what they’re most thankful for, and I’m no different. While I try to keep the flow of gratitude moving all year round, it’s natural that on the eve of the holiday, thoughts turn to what I am thankful for this year:

• The fact that my son is growing up in a community of diversity without boundaries despite the fact the
rest of the world doesn’t seem to be keeping up

• The health and happiness of my family

• The love and support of my family and friends

• Spotify playlists both self made and otherwise

• Date Nights

• Sharing meals and celebrations with dear friends and family

• Mom’s Night Outs – best therapy ever

• Cole’s laughter

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