I AM THE DJ (Series – 3)

I hum…a lot. It’s actually a bit of a problem. There is always a song running through my head, sometimes even when I’m listening to an entirely different song. I hum to myself when I work, play, sleep and am occasionally caught humming when I eat. I don’t even know I do it. Sometimes it escalates to quiet singing out loud, like when I’m grocery shopping or grooving around Target. Music just seems to run through me, always.

There are times I think I hear Cole hum too. It’s hard to know for sure but I sometimes hear what sounds like a tune coming from him. I asked him about songs getting stuck in his head recently. He says they do and that sometimes he can’t shake a song even when he’s supposed to be paying attention in class…

Here’s a sampling of the new music we tried recently:

1. Taylor Swift – Shake it Off (he loves)
2. Griswolds – Beware The Dog
3. The Pixies – Head On
4. Banks – Beggin for Thread
5. Postal Service – Such Great Heights
6. REM – Can’t Get There
7. Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat
8. Mehgan Trainor – All About That Base
9. Hozier – From Eden
10. Manchester Orchestra – Every Stone

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