My husband is traveling. He’s leaving Cole and I to our own devices for nine days. It’s rare that we two have a weekend on our own. The business travel is usually relegated to just weekdays but this is a long trip so we Cole and I have two full days to cause trouble together.

I’ve worked an adult night out into Friday, much to his delight. His school has an annual Casino Night event and sponsor a big group kid watching in the school auditorium whilst the parents gamble, wine taste and peruse the silent auction goodies at a nearby country club. For some reason I’ve gone by myself for several years now. It always seems to hit when my husband’s traveling. It’s a fun excuse to get dolled up and visit with friends. Fortunately Cole loves the group kid watching scenario so it’s win-win for us. By Friday we’ll be in need of a little break from each other and then we have the whole weekend to play.

He’s already contemplating a list of things he would like to include in the weekend…I’m sure it will change by Saturday morning but as of now he wants to:

• Do some cooking
• Invite Grandma over for lunch or dinner (to indulge in the aforementioned cooking)
• Go to the movies
• Make art
• See friends
• Decorate the porch for Halloween
• Take Luna for walks
• Go to the Farmer’s Market
• Watch a lot of TV (hopefully we’ll avoid this one by checking off all of the other items)

I find his list pretty satisfying. There are a few things I’d like to do as well so we’ll see how they all meld. I love having our special time together, just the two of us. In the chaos of the work/school week, it’s nice to be able to share a weekend with him where we don’t have to do anything, but have the luxury of doing everything.

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