I AM THE DJ (Series – 1)

Cole really enjoys music. Perhaps better said, Cole really enjoys music when it’s the music he enjoys. This can change on any given day, and when he’s in need of comfort, it reverts to the treasures of his toddler years like Laurie Berkner, Ralph’s World, and god forbid, Songs from the Street (the Street being Sesame). As soon as the weather cools slightly, the favored music becomes holiday music. It can be months of non-stop holiday tunes. There’s diversity in the holiday playlist, which now includes the awesome Bad Religion holiday album and Michael Buble’s too.

When driving alone with me he’s willing to experiment more with what he’ll listen to. He’s a fan of bands like Weezer, Green Day, One Republic, Foster the People, Coldplay, and They Might Be Giants. Keeping his more age appropriate likes in mind, I snap shots of my car radio display when driving so I can introduce him to new songs and artists on the weekends in hope of expanding our somewhat fixed (and often tedious) playlists. I thought I’d share the recent selection and turn it into my first ever recurring topic. Not all of the selections are hits but I’m honing my skills and more are hits than misses, especially if it’s just the two of us! For some reason he tortures his dad with only kiddie music and a strange unwillingness to bend.

If you have any recommendations…I welcome them! So here are the recent tries:

1. Benjamin Booker – Violent Shiver
2. George Ezra – Budapest
3. St. Paul & The Catholics – Call Me
4. Boy & Bear – Southern Sun (loves!)
5. Ben Folds – Song for the Dumped (listened to Ben for an hour!)
6. Nick Waterhouse – Say I Wanna Know (likes the whole album)
7. Andrew McMahon – Cecilla And The Satellite
8. Squeeze – Tempted
9. Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (sometimes)
10. Joe Cuba – Bang Bang

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