Road Tripping

We just returned from a five day road trip…We planned to meet some friends who were going to visit the Grand Canyon, driving from Boston.  We decided to do a couple of nights in Las Vegas on the way and then hook up with them in Williams, AZ to take the train to the Canyon together.   It was a great trip and the Canyon is spectacular.

But the stress leading up to the trip was palatable.  There are so many unknown factors that we stress over when making travel plans, even just to a new friend’s house, that sometimes it feels easier not to go to new places.  We never make that choice but the pre-travel unknowns definitely take their toll.  Accessibility, where and when to feed Cole, where and how to attend to his personal needs, all the things that make our travel a little harder, and a little different.

Turns out we’re a capable team, trio.  Yes, we have to scope everything out and plan for the worse, but when put to task, everything worked out fine.  We spent two fun filled days in Las Vegas, frolicking on the Lazy River  and enjoying some fab meals.  We traveled to Arizona, road a train and explored the Grand Canyon and then power drove back to California all without incident, embarrassment (well, Cole might have something to say about that – it turns out that our almost teen would prefer to vacation in future with a friend in tow. The parents are not satisfying enough!  Even the addition of a grandma is preferred to just the parents – how utterly typical of him.)

The Grand Canyon was amazing and even more spectacular than you’d imagine even having seen pictures, flown over it…It’s breathtaking.  We explored during day light and then returned for sunrise the next day.  Definitely an experience.  The whole trip was a great experience and it showed us that with some foresight and planning, anything is possible and there’s no reason not to heed adventure with the boy.  We can make anything work.

His dream is Paris.  I’m determined to make that a reality…maybe for middle school graduation!

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