Traveling is not always easy for any family and with ours it presents odd challenges in that my son is in a wheelchair, needs certain privacies for his personal business, and is fed through a g-tube.  Highly challenging on long flights, less so on long road trips, but I’ll never shy away from the chance to share new places, adventures and experiences with him.  Organization is essential because some things he needs are not easily procured on the road or in another country.  We ship things when we visit my in-laws for example, and I make big lists when we hit the road.  We’re heading for the Grand Canyon next week.  I feel prepared which helps me to actually relax!  Here’s my packing list:


o   AAA Card
o   Cash
o   Credit Cards
o   Driver’s Licenses
o   Hotel Reservations
o   Keys
o   Map
o   Proof of Insurance
o   Train Reservations
o   ___________________________
o   ___________________________
o   ___________________________

o   Canon Camera & Battery Charger
o   Car Chargers
o   Extra Camera Batteries
o   iPads
o   iPhones
o   Jambox Mini
o   Laptop Cords/Chargers
o   Laptops
o   Memory Cards
o   Nook & Charger
o   Point & Shoot
o   Thumb Drive
o   Wall Chargers
o   _________________________
o   _________________________
o   _________________________

o   Books & Magazines
o   DVDs
o   Pens & Markers
o   Playing Cards
o   Playlists
o   Stamps
o   Stickers
o   Travel Games
o   Travel Journal
o   _________________________
o   _________________________
o   _________________________


o   Cetaphil wipes
o   Conditioner
o   Deodorant
o   Eye Glasses Wipes
o   Face Scrub
o   Fragrance
o   Hair paste
o   Hairbrush
o   Kleenex
o   Lip Balm
o   Lotion
o   Make-up
o   Moisturizer
o   Nail Care
o   Razors
o   Shampoo
o   Soap or Body Wash
o   Toothbrushes
o   Toothpaste
o   Washcloth
o   __________________________
o   __________________________
o   __________________________
o   __________________________


o   Aleve
o   Anti-itch cream
o   Band-Aids
o   Blister Care
o   Children’s Benadryl
o   Children’s Tylenol
o   Disinfecting wipes
o   Neosporin
o   Prescriptions
o   Sun Screen
o   Tweezers
o   Tylenol
o   Vitamins
o   _________________________
o   _________________________


o   Bags – 3
o   Changing Pad
o   Diaps
o   Extra Mic-Key Button
o   Extra Extension Sets
o   Formula – 24
o   Lap Towels
o   Lube
o   Pads
o   Tubes
o   Tummy Towels
o   Wipes
o   _________________________
o   _________________________
o   _________________________


o   Hat
o   Jeans – 1 pair
o   PJ’s – 3
o   Rash guard – 2
o   Shoes – Sneakers & Toms
o   Shorts – 8 pairs
o   Socks – 6 pairs
o   Sweat pants – 3 pairs
o   Sweat shirt – 2
o   Swimsuit – 2
o   T-Shirts (Long sleeve) – 4
o   T-Shirts (Short sleeve) – 8
o   Undershirts – 6
o   Undies – 6


o   Bathing Suit – 2
o   Hat(s)
o   Jeans
o   Pj’s
o   Rash Guard – 2
o   Shoes
o   Shorts
o   Socks
o   Sweater
o   Sweatshirt
o   T-Shirts (Long Sleeve)
o   T-Shirts (Short Sleeve)
o   Undies


o   Chinos – 1
o   Cover-up
o   Hat(s)
o   Jeans – 1
o   Lingerie
o   PJ’s
o   Rash guard – 2
o   Shoes – Sneakers, Flats, Sandals
o   Shorts – 2
o   Skirt – 1
o   Sweater
o   Sweats
o   Swimsuit -2
o   T-Shirts – 4
o   Tanks
o   Umbrella

o   Umbrella




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