Transitions are always difficult and stressful on the boy.  He doesn’t discriminate between good change or bad.  He just doesn’t cope well with any end and beginning.  I know this is not limited to special needs kids, but in his case, the only case I have personal experience with, the fact that he cannot vocalize his concerns means he internalizes most of his fears.  It results in sleepless nights, clingy behavior (mom in particular is a security blanket), and grouchy behavior.  It also results in reverting to comfort TV and music.

I try to consider all of the things that might be going through that beautiful brain of his so we can talk about it together.  I want to quell his concerns and address any fears he has so he can move past it without it having to much effect.  I try to anticipate the sorts of things that will cause him stress.  Sometimes I’m successful.  I’ve considered having him see a therapist.  There are therapists who work with non-verbal kids…Something I’m a bit mixed on because I don’t exactly understand how they can interpret the feelings of someone who can’t speak and with whom the therapist has little to no history with.  I’ve spent his whole life trying to understand how his brain works and what he thinks about life.  I’m not all that successful at it.  At least that’s how it feels sometimes.

Summer is full of transitions for the boy so there’s a lot of disrupt in our lives.  The school year ends.  Summer starts. A couple of weeks of cooking camp.  Then summer school and day camp in the afternoons – four weeks of this so there’s hope for some calm after a week! We’re taking a little family road trip to explore the Grand Canyon.  And then two more weeks of camp until…School starts again…Whew.  I’m already excited for the new school year.  It brings with it the promise of peace.


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