I feel somewhat validated! For years I’ve complained that the massively interrupted sleep I get is the root of a great many of my downfalls – moodiness, forgetfulness, weakened immune system. Cole routinely goes through bouts of insomnia, or spells when he randomly wakes up at the same odd hours in the night for a long enough period to fully wake me, and then goes back to sleep, while I lay there struggling to do the same.

Even today, we we’re up for hours when he decided 2:45am was a good time to wake! I grabbed an extra hour around 6am before I had to head out to work, but I’m greatly missing those few missed hours!

On top of dealing with Cole’s sleep issues, I hit the age or stage in life where I’m occasionally plagued with insomnia due to the hormonal changes. You ladies of a certain age range know what I’m talking about! It basically sucks to feel quite young at heart and mind, but to have your body remind you that it’s aging whether you like it or not!

Anyway, for various reasons, I don’t think I’ve had an extensive period of time where I experienced quality, uninterrupted sleep. And I’ve blamed it on any number of my behaviors. My husband has often just looked at me like I’m somewhat crazy but now Time Magazine has published a study showing that even just a single night of interrupted sleep can have negative effects on your body and mind.

Interrupted Sleep May Be As Harmful As No Sleep

Now, if only they could provide some natural and realistic interventions that would help all of us who have our precious sleep interrupted!


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