I’ve managed to neglect writing again. It’s supposed to be my (self-imposed) therapy but I seem to stop writing when I’m most in need of help! There’s irony in that somewhere but I’m not feeling it at the moment.

Cole returned to school after the summer but had a few mishaps that kept him home for periods of time. First he was sun burned to the point of sun poisoning, blisters on his face and legs and crispy skin all over. Then he developed a pressure sore (first time for this ever) likely from the changes to his body post surgery and from sitting more than he used to. Home for three long weeks where he could not use his wheelchair at all, meaning no outings. Back to school and then home for another week due to catching a nasty bug.

My husband travelled through much of this time so a lot of the responsibility and care fell to me. Juggling everything has left me feeling spent. Naturally, I’m sick now too. I’m looking forward to a bit of normalcy in my life, in our lives. We all need it. My husband travelled quite a lot recently and needs time home. Cole needs time back in his routine so he can regain his confidence, strength and joy. I need to figure out a fall routine for myself. I’m feeling restless.

I feel like I need to be doing things. I’m craving movement. I’m imagining projects I wish to endeavor. I’m wanting to surround myself with friends, old and new. I’m feeling restless. Perhaps I’ve been cooped up in my house too much these past months. I’m finding myself wanting to revamp it a bit so it feels different. I’m also looking forward to making things feel cozier with cooler nights coming soon. Yet I also feel the need to be away from the house!  I’m all over the place.

I have visions of evenings spent with a fire in the fireplace, candles lit, wine, friends, lots of laughter. I want to feed my friends with luscious meals, heady wine, cool music, and the simple pleasure of spending relaxing, quality time together. That’s my holiday season jam this year. I’m determined to make it happen.

Closing with a little Halloween fun.  We don’t all usually dress up but at the last minute my husband and I joined Cole has ghouls.  He’s a zombie chef, I’m a prombie (a broken hearted jilted prom goers) and my husband is just ghoulish – although a lot of people thought he was Zombie Costello (as in Elvis)…

IMG_3776 IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_2612

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  1. Your craving movement and restlessness is par for the course in being a creative soul. Keep creating and writing dear friend!!

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