Cole is a funny one. He can be struggling with pain and discomfort but if I bang my toe on something whilst making my way around the obstacle course that was once my bedroom, jovial laughter replaces his whining and tears. Hearing someone say “beautiful” on TV has the same effect, and seeing someone kiss often does as well. He somehow manages to distract himself out of the anguish and momentarily finds humor.

As I tried to put him to sleep tonight, he was fussing and feeling a bit achy so we gave him a dose of valium and some Tylenol (really working to get off the oxy…) and as he and I waited for the meds to take effect, we noticed that we could see the sunflowers I picked for him today from our garden even in the dark. I said something about them being so beautiful and he laughed a little. Then I broke into made up lyrics about the flowers smiling at him to the tune of our song, Coldplay’s Yellow.

My little ditty led to body shaking hysterical laughter. Yes, sometimes I can be really funny…It’s the first great laugh he’s had since last Thursday so it was amazing to hear and I feel like somehow it relaxed his body enough to allow him to begin to contemplate sleep without the anxiety he was having before the laughter.

I hope he sleeps peacefully tonight, dreaming of sunflowers smiling and laughter. He’s had a few rough nights since we got home from the hospital so a good nights sleep would be beneficial to him and to his Dad and I (when he’s not sleeping, no one is sleeping…and hormonal woman that I am, resuming sleep after be awakened for any period of time just doesn’t happen…I can’t figure out how to will myself back to sleep)…

Sleep little darling, do not cry…I will sing a lullaby…(about smiling yellow sunflowers)…


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  1. So happy to hear that Cole was smiling and laughing…albeit from your singing 🙂 Lovely sunflowers!!

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