Cole’s surgery is tomorrow. We’re all frayed and fragile but doing our best to be positive and to keep Cole from seeing our nerves peeking out. I do know that it’s all going to be fine. He’s done it before, has a great surgeon, will be in a great hospital, and we’re more prepared for recovery this time around, having a better idea of what to expect, need, and how to care for him in the massive spica casts. And I know time goes quickly so it will soon be a distant memory.

We’ve had such an outpouring of love and support for him and us as we get closer to tomorrow. It led me to come up with a fun campaign that I hope anyone who reads my blog will join in on. I’m asking people to send postcards, letters, lists of favorite songs, movies, a favorite picture or art, poems, whatever you like, to Cole during his summer of recovery. If you include a return address he will write you back. Cole loves receiving letters and mail and is also a very avid letter writer himself. He’s a lo-fi correspondence kind of guy. He adores mail and mailing.

It’s a positive activity and will be so fun to see what kind of treasures he receives. I’ve promised to help him collect some fun papers and stickers and trinkets for his own sends. Stamps have been ordered! It’s okay if you don’t know us personally. If you’re reading my blog, you have insight to our family already and this fun project will bring us all slightly closer.

I’m planning to save all of the mailings in a scrapbook for Cole so he can share it with friends and revisit the letters, etc. when this is over. It will help create some positive, special memories of his “bummer summer”. So I implore you, grab a pen, paper (postcard, whatever) and a stamp and send Cole some joy! I promise if you include your return address, you’ll receive some back! xoxo

Cole Griffiths
14540 Hesby Street
Sherman Oaks, CA  91403

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  1. What a wonderful idea!! We will send along some mailed love to Cole. Wishing a successful surgery and smooth recovery.

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