THE LAST SONG (Series – 4)

March has been a weird month. I didn’t manage to write as consistently as I had intended to. Work has been oddly busy and life in general has been wearing. We managed to plant a lovely garden filled with herbs, veggies and salad accessories like two kinds of radishes, spring onions, fennel and a pinky hued heirloom onion. The seedlings are already sprouting and everything is taking advantage of the abundance of sunshine we’ve had of late.

Baseball season also started this month. They’ve played two games, and had a haphazard picture day event already. Cole’s having fun this season and one of his close friends joined his team as well, which will make the season even better.

And Spring Break started this week. Cole’s going to camp both weeks so we can save vacation days for summer when he is scheduled to have hip surgery with a couple of months of recovery. He’s happy at camp because it’s held at his school so it doesn’t change his routine tremendously, which for Routine Boy, makes for great transition from school days to break. We’re trying to work a few fun things in during the break so he can see friends and not be entirely solo.

I can’t believe tomorrow is April!

My March song list and artists are below:

  1. THE LAST SONG – The Foo Fighters
  3. CATCH A WAVE – The Beach Boys
  4. LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME – The Thompson Twins
  6. SMARTER THAN YOU – The Undertones
  7. I AM THE DJ – David Bowie
  8. EVER CHANGING MOODS – Style Council
  9. SCIENCE IS REAL – They Might Be Giants
  10. SNOW (HEY OH) – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  11. HE AIN’T HEAVY, HE’S MY BROTHER – The Hollies
  12. BEAUTIFUL BOY – John Lennon
  14. THE LAST SONG – Foo Fighters

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