I resigned from my post as Secretary of the Board of Directors of THERAsurf yesterday, a
sad day for me.

THERAsurf is a non-profit organization whose mission is to give children with special needs, all needs including physical, an opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of the ocean by taking them into the water and up onto the waves. My son Cole had wanted to surf since he was a tot and when I met Kim, one of the two founders, we were able to make that dream a reality. He’s been surfing for many summers now and his love for the ocean has not waivered.

I got involved because it’s a truly special organization. There are other terrific organizations that do similar things, but often will not take kids with physical needs. It takes a special breed of surfer to ride waves supporting a child who needs more than just handholding. THERAsurf also really focuses on getting to know the children and to making the kids and their families feel comfortable, safe, and welcome at the beach and in the ocean. It’s their hands on approach that really makes it stand out.

With Cole’s surgery looming in early summer, I felt like I couldn’t be an active participant and board member this year. Work has become really busy and life in general busier now that my husband is traveling much more. The organization deserves to have someone who can provide attention, time and care to the position. Sadly, I feel like I can’t be that person right now. I hope to be able to do some work from the sidelines because I dearly love the organization and I love what I’ve witness in the kids who have experienced a surf day with us.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a child who cannot walk, gleefully riding waves. The confidence and self-esteem levels rise into the clouds and their families watching from the shore swell with pride. I’ve seen many a seasoned surfer brought to tears watching the kids enjoy something they too are passionate about. It’s a day unlike any other and I’m glad that I could be part of the magic…

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