THE LAST SONG (Series – 3)

February seemed to fly by. It started out with Cole and I having the flu for a full week, most of which my husband missed due to travel, which was probably a good thing since he didn’t catch it too. I felt so poorly that even looking at the computer made me tired and worn. Not a lot of writing this month. I feel it when I don’t have the outlet, but sometimes life just give me the luxury of time. He missed our big school fundraiser too. CHIMEapalooza. It’s a variety show of sort themed around inclusion. This years proper theme was “this is how we do it”. I shared Dan’s piece earlier this month. Tom Morello was the big hit. He came and sang a couple of folk songs, including This Land is My Land backed by lots of our kids, Cole included (he’s a big fan of Mr. Morello!). It was a great night celebrating our school and the amazing CHIME community.

February’s song list and artists are below:

1. THE LAST SONG – The Foo Fighters
2. DON’T WORRY BABY – The Beach Boys
3. SICK AS A DOG – Areosmith
4. I AM THE DJ – David Bowie
6. CIRCLES – Soul Coughing
7. I STILL REMEMBER – Gary Numan
8. I WANT ANSWERS – House of Freaks
9. RAININ’ IN MY HEART – Slim Harpo
10. SEE ME, FEEL ME – The Who

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