I AM THE DJ (Series – 8)

The Grammy Edition…I’m quietly watching the Grammy’s feeling vaguely disconnected from the show as so many of the artists are ones I tend to avoid. Nothing personal but I’m not a giant fan of mainstream, pop or country. I may be missing out on a lot of great music but my listening time is limited so I’m not feeling like I need to diversify. That said, a random few artists I adore are mysteriously here on the show so I’m fast-forwarding through but taking the time to note a few songs that Cole might like for our next playlist. There have been some interesting performances…AC/DC who sounded great…ELO who don’t sound as great as they once did, despite the boost of having Ed Sheeran jumping in for one of my favorites of theirs, Mr. Blue Sky.

Annie Lennox remains one of the coolest women in music, even though age has hardened her voice a bit. Seeing her perform Screaming Jay Hawkins “I Put a Spell On You” with Hozier was pretty much worth watching the show. I love her…(and I realize that the pixie is my best do too…note to self – book haircut!!!!).

I didn’t make it through but so loved Chris Martin singing with Beck. It’s cool that Beck snuck under the radar and won two big awards. He’s so talented and while I don’t always love his stuff, I totally respect his genius. And I love Chris Martin’s voice!

1. LIVING FOR LOVE – Madonna
2. LITTLE RED WAGON – Miranda Lambert
4. GOOD KISSER – Usher
7. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU – Screaming Jay Hawkins
8. WHO’S THAT GIRL – Eurythmics
9. SHOTS – Imagine Dragons
10. FOUR FIVE SECONDS – Rihanna/Kanye West/Paul McCartney

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  1. I agree with your sentiments about the Grammys. Aside from AC/DC and Annie Lennox, I wasn’t moved at all. Very boring, mediocre sound and performances. I don’t get the show anymore and not sure why I suffered through it. The hubby went out to see a movie…he made the right choice!

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