I came home a little early tonight because my husband had a meeting to attend. Cole usually loves it when I’m home early and we have a “mom-Cole” night. We usually do a little sharing of our days, a quick pass through his school binder, and then we usually settle in and watch a little TV, have dinner together, bath, maybe a little reading and bed. It’s nothing special but it’s just the two of us and we both used to really enjoy the little time together.

Tonight, however, the teenage boy that I now know as my son, preferred to spend the evening in his room. He’d already started his dinner in his room when I got home because he was really hungry, and once my husband took off, I suggested he come hang out with me in the living room. No thanks, mom. I want to stay in my room. The whole time!

I had dinner alone, not sure of what to do with myself. It’s so strange to be home in the house with Cole but not to be in the same room. I know it’s a typical teenage behavior and I am so pleased that he likes hanging out in his room. I’m just not used to it. For thirteen years he’s been unwilling to be alone in a room and now out of nowhere he loves it!

I can certainly get used to this growth. I feel like it’s a positive change for everyone. We enjoyed several dinners in the dining room sans Cole (who was happily hanging out in his room) during the weekend while our friend was visiting, and tonight I did a little guilt free work while I had dinner on my own. I still kind of missed him though…

Cole and I are on our own Saturday and Sunday this weekend…I’m hoping he’ll want to spend some of the home time with me! If not, I’m making some plans of my own…hello facemask and pedicure! Maybe find a movie or two to watch…a little house project I’ve been putting off…quiet dinners with my husband in a candlelit dining room.

I’m starting to see the possibilities of this new routine!

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