My husband’s oldest and dearest friend has been in town visiting from Baltimore during this past long weekend. He’s an educator and is coming to visit our amazing charter school, CHIME Community School. The charter at our school is inclusion and he’s interested to see if there are practices that he can bring back to his school. So we’ve been lucky to have the long weekend to hang out with him and more than anything, Cole and I have had the fun of seeing the two of them together.

Being blessed with some friendships that have thrived for over forty years now, I completely appreciate the bond that comes with growing up with someone and continuing to love them decades later. My husband moved a bit when he was young, and even as an adult, but has maintained a close, tight bond with his friend. They met when they were 11 years old and are now both 43. There’s something so dear in watching the two of them together. Time and spatial distance don’t seem to matter. Seeing them, relaxed, chatting and laughing together warms my heart.

Friendships like theirs are to be treasured and I know how deeply my husband values their bond. I wish they lived closer to one another because the effect of them spending time together is better than a spa weekend. There’s a joyful light in my husband’s eyes and he seems renewed. I feel like that when I’ve had some “old friend time” too, so I recognize the delight.

It makes me happy to see, and Cole seems to find it equally delightful. He’s completely taken with the two of them. He happily spent the afternoon wandering around Santa Monica with the guys, and still couldn’t get enough of the two of them. I hope that he has the fortune to have a dear, old friend or two or three when he gets older…there’s nothing quite so special.

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