Cole and I spent the day with my mom today, just running a few errands and then taking her out to lunch. We often do this on the weekends and it’s become something both Cole and I really treasure. I love that he is able to have the opportunity to spend time with his grandma and to make memories with her. It’s easy to take it for granted but I think he values the time with her dearly.

For the first half of his life, she lived in Oregon and would come down to visit several times a year. She moved back to Los Angeles about five years ago and we’ve since grown into the routine of seeing her during the weekend. Usually, as with today, running errands and lunch. Nothing particularly special about the outings, but it’s time that is absolutely cherished.

Cole adores her and she him. They both delight in wandering away from wherever I am and getting into their own form of trouble. Cole has made it clear that in these weekend outings, I’m merely the chauffer, getting him to Grandma and responsible for taking care of the necessities. She’s the fun. It tickles me to no end that they have their special time. There’s nothing like Grandma time.

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