Two two hour long dental sessions for deep cleaning and cavity filling and I’m back in good dental shape. Feeling a bit worn from the drilling, scraping, and picking. And especially from the novacaine…

I somewhat shamefully admit, I’ve been a bit neglect with my dental hygiene for several years. I am a dutiful home brusher and frequent flosser but somehow I got derailed on the visits to the dentist. After these two recent visits though, I’m a convert. I vow to return to my former, diligent dental care.

For one thing, novacaine sucks. Numbness is completely awful. Despite the realization that I’m not actually drooling or walking around the office with giant puffy half lips (they did the right side last week and the left side today…deep cleaning aka torture and cavity filling), the tingly chin (weird!) and half numb throat and tongue feel so strange that it makes me feel like I’m on actual drugs. I know I’m not, but walking around I feel floaty with my head in the clouds, like I’m drugged.

So not fun. So happy it’s over. So learned my lesson! (and yes, I’m a total wimp…I know it and now you do too!)

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  1. HA! I let my dental visits go for a few years and had to have a LOT of work done too. I learned my lesson and have been good ever since. I also hate novacaine…though I do like the song with its name by Green Day ; )

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