It feels strange to consider mid-August the end of the summer but school for us starts next week and that is the traditional benchmark for the end of summer. This last week is a bit dull for the boy. He doesn’t have a camp or play dates scheduled and his friends all seem to be on floating schedules this week like him. He’s not a happy camper. Routine boy is disgruntled by free flow, plan free, endless days. He’s a kid who respects routine. He likes knowing where he’ll be each day and what’s expected of him.

School breaks throw him off. He can have fabulous plans and thoroughly enjoy his time off but at the end of the day, he much prefers the routine of school. Everyone does their respective weekday thing. He goes to school and after care/homework club, his dad and I both go to work, and most nights we all converge on the house within a couple of hours of one another and have dinner and a little TV together and chat about our days or the next. He likes it like that. It keeps him even keeled.

Besides our little road trip last month, this week is the most topsy turvy of the summer weeks. Unlike the road trip, which he enjoyed (excepting that he has made it clear that he would prefer future vacations to include a friend, grandparent, or meeting another family so that he doesn’t have to vacation just with his parents), this week is mostly just him and a caregiver. He adores her and they’ll do this and that and maybe run around town a bit but not knowing what is going to happen makes him a little nutty.

I thought about scrambling around to find things for them to do and people for them to see but it seemed like too much effort and in the back of my mind I thought it would be good for him to break free of the routine and do a little flying by the seat of his pants. Not sure it’s working out but it’s only Tuesday…so we’ll see.

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