Five Minutes

Time is one commodity completely eludes me.  Despite my efforts to stretch the given twenty four hours each day, I find that they’re eaten up by little bites of five minutes. My husband is traveling so I’m solo for the next coming days and the bites have become very defined:  It takes five minutes to wake and unwrap  the boy (he sleeps in bracing), five minutes to get him settled and find a TV show for him to watch, five minutes to get his breakfast ready and coffee brewing, five minutes to run through the sixty emails that have arrived since bedtime, five minutes to collect and start a load of laundry, five minutes to toss the ball to the dogs so they feel the love, five minutes to take a quick pass at cleaning up the kitchen, five minutes to get the dogs fed and to ply me with coffee, five minutes to shower, five minutes to dress, five minutes to dry my hair, five minutes to attempt pretty, five minutes to collect the dynavox, homework, lunch and pack it all up in the car, five minutes to make up the beds and wipe down the bathroom counter, to get the boy changed and dressed, five minutes to do braces and shoes and get him set in wheelchair, five minutes to get him tethered into the van and get the music set up and us ready to leave for school…and we’re off…

Don’t get me started with the bites taken commuting in traffic.  Yesterday I drove the boy twenty minutes north to school, returned south for an hour and forty five minutes to work, and then in the afternoon an hour from work to pick him up at school and twenty minutes to home…Over three hours of my days wasted driving.  Oh how I wish the commute was just five minutes!

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