Surfing Saturday

The boy surfed on Saturday for the first time since he had his surgery last year.  His last surfing outing, around Father’s Day 2011, didn’t go so well.  It was a cold day, and the water was still really icy.  Sitting out waiting for waves lost a lot appeal, and only catching two waves left my shivery, blue lipped boy not all that keen to surf again, despite his years long passion for it!  He approached this past outing with apprehension and nerves.  We tried not to get too excited or invested in the day because we’re slowly learning that hype translates to either overexcitement or whining.  Neither works.  So we went to the beach, and voila…there were the TheraSurf crew and friends waiting to sweep him into the ocean!  Wrangling the boy into a wet suit is an accomplishment in itself…He’s not able to help, and his spasticity kicks in so his limbs are bending and straining to go one way and we’re trying to stick them into tight neoprene sleeves and legs in a completely different direction…But he got suited up and tucked into a life vest, plopped on a surf board with a great surfer behing him, and off they go…paddling out, and then paddling in to catch their first wave…

He’s still looking a little nervous…We’re feeling a little mean for making him do it…but we feel like if just tries it again and remembers how much he’s loved it in the past, he’ll get over the apprehension from last summer and from the surgery.  And they catch a wave…and another and another…and the boy remembers…

Even more so after we got home and the next day.  Sometimes it takes him time to process experiences a bit before he connects the emotions to the experience.  Now when  asked about it, it’s all smiles and laughter, and when asked if he wants to go again, it’s a giant YES!!!  My beach boy is back!


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